Some of our work

  • Kujtesa
    Kujtesa - The biggest internet broadband and digital TV Company in Kosovo

    The purpose of the Help desk app is to provide another channel of communication| between the filed agents and the back office. The agents will be able to retrieve the tickets, view the details and perform limited amount of actions. The help desk app is developed by using the Clean Swift architecture. The application features are log in, dashboard, all tickets, log out, user profile, search eld, comments, client prole, and devices.

  • Flotilla
    Flotilla Airport Transfer

    Flotilla Taxi & Limousinen offers you a wide range of services related to business and private passenger transport. With the new Flotilla app integrated into a Content Management System, trips can be reserved with one click and pay conveniently via the app. A list of the booked trips and individual invoicing are part of the functions and available through the Web Portal, where all additional functionalities for Report generation, publishing new content, pricing, etc are managed. The implemented solution will be serving thousands of user requests per day.

  • LinkOne
    LinkOne - Location Tracking / Geofencing app for iOS and Android

    The application relies heavily on the device location services and geofencing. We improved the application by optimizing the performance and the device battery life.

    Added option for the user to change preferences and do a preview of the recent activity. To full the client’s needs for better user related data we added Integration with Intercom and Firebase integration. Some of the technologies used here are: Django, Android/Kotlin, iOS/Swift (Mobile)

  • Dua
    Dua - dua.com is a Social Platform and Community itself that aims to connect Albanians worldwide: Help. Biz. Love. (Mobile)

    The mission of Dua is to connect over 12 million Albanians around the globe.

    Be it Albanians from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Switzerland, the UK, and beyond, dua.com aim to empower relationships and meaningful connections with peers. Search for partner anyplace, anywhere, anytime, and meet them in person. (Mobile)

  • Kerkoj
    Kerkoj.com - Real Estate/ Property platform (Mobile dhe desktop)

    This platform is developed with several roles within it. It has the admin section, the publication of announcements, the user section, and the CMS for ad management. Kerkoj is the newest marketplace for buyers and sellers. The goal is to make shopping more sustainable and selling simple. When using Kerkoj you can buy and/or sell anything from property, vehicles, furniture, electronics, clothes or books with an easy swipe. The site and app is designed to be professional, easy and to empower people to use the web to benefit themselves and their businesses.

  • Gjirafa Video
    GjirafaVideo - TV Apps for Samsung TV, LG TV, Android TV and Apple TV (Tv dhe mobile)

    Developed four different apps for different types of TV manufacturers. Apps are connected to a custom build OTT platform that was previously developed by the client. Implemented custom video player, casting from mobile App to TV, UI elements to brand the application in a familiar manner.

  • Swiss Protect
    Swissprotect - Access control solution

    A solution for Access Control is implemented to allow users to scan their cards and gain access to open doors in the objects where access controllers are installed The software has various reports and charts regarding users, the time when the user has opened the door, time when the user leaves, calculated hours in the objects. The management portal is divided on the basis of roles, and the possibility of determining them. It has simpler and more detailed reports. Also, there you can see the users and all the data about them.

  • Sigal Uniqa Group
    Sigal Uniqa Group - E-commerce for the second largest insurance company in Kosovo and holds an average of 11.63% of the total volume of premiums.

    Development and implementation of models of e-commerce in the website. The modules implemented are: Model for travel insurance, model for Kasko (mini kasko), Model for apartments insurance (Desktop)

  • Lufthansa Industry Solutions
    Lufthansa Industry Solutions

    Integration and implementation of Camunda which is an open-source workflow and decision automation platform. Camunda BPM helps with creating workflow and decision models, operating deployed models in production, and allowing users to execute workflow tasks assigned to them. We have implemented 7 processes which have created scalability of business processes in Lufthansa Industry Solutions